Remember Her? Try Not To Gasp When You See How She Looks Now


It’s amazing to see how time changes people. It wouldn’t be surprising if you happen to meet a girl you used to know from school who you’ve never found attractive and she has become an incredible beauty. Then, if you don’t realize the power of retainers, high heels and a good hairdresser, you sigh how stupid you or your schoolmates had been and how generous was time with this girl. Or you understand that everything is in the makeup and you feel unfair again.

However, the opposite situation is much more common. That’s the story of our heroine. She was a beauty queen for several consecutive years. There was no man in her home town who hasn’t been in love with her. From schoolmates to neighbors – everybody used to adore her. Maureen C. was a dream come true for everyone who has seen her. Like every beautiful girl she didn’t pay attention to more unobtrusive boys. Even though she was blessed with amazing beauty, she was not lucky in love.

Steven studied in the same high school and was deeply in love with Maureen. People mocked him to be a nerd and nobody took him seriously. Of course, Maureen didn’t know about his love and he wasn’t brave enough to reveal his feelings. When they graduated she left her hometown following her dream to become an actress. And the lad didn’t see his teen love for many years.

This banal story wouldn’t be so moving if the young woman had just failed in her acting career. Nobody knows what exactly had happened to her and she never told anybody. She came back suddenly without even warning her parents. But the most shocking was that she had nothing in common with her old look. Not only that she wasn’t beauty anymore, actually she looked like a totally different person and no one could recognize the old pretty girl she’s been. Maureen had gained weight, more than 40 pounds actually, she was almost bald – there was no sign of the old beautiful blond curls, fine wrinkles had covered her face.

“What a pity!”, people gossiped. But not Steven. In the first moment he saw her sad, green eyes, he recognized his Maureen. He was also shocked but his sincere love had remained unchanged from time and walks of life. Yes, she wasn’t beautiful, she wasn’t even an average looking woman, she was bad looking and nobody could deny this fact. But he loved her! That was his chance and he took it. Finally he admitted his love and proposed her marry him. She was as shocked by his proposal as people were when saw her so incredibly ugly. For his surprise she said “yes”!

And as seldom happens in life Maureen and Steven lived happily ever after and generously share their moving story with people.

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